CGI's My Health Portal solution

The health and wellness of your organization's employees is directly tied to your profitability. Better health and wellness leads to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and increased employee satisfaction and retention.

CGI's My Health Portal is a proven tool for improving the health and wellness of your staff and achieving all of the corresponding business benefits. My Health Portal provides a platform for reaching all of your staff and conveniently providing them access to life-changing information, resources and tools to help them lead stronger, healthier lives.

Key features

My Health Portal is a comprehensive, online health and wellness program that offers the following key features:

  • Health risk assessment questionnaire (HRA)
  • Personalized health reports for employees
  • Diagnosis and action plan for employer
  • Comprehensive and reliable health information
  • Online access to health professionals
  • Interactive health tools
  • Virtual health coaches

The solution is fully customizable to meet your organization's unique health and wellness needs.

Our expertise

CGI has developed and delivered its own global health and wellness program called Oxygen, which serves all 70,000 of its employees. My Health Portal is a central component of the program, delivering a wealth of online health information and support. Since the program's introduction and based on employee feedback, the following results have been achieved in Canada between 2010 and 2012:

  • 16% increase in the physical activity
  • 11% increase in work-life balance
  • 9% increase in healthy eating habits

Contact us to learn more about how My Health Portal can drive health and wellness improvements across your organization.

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