Customizable to support your employee value proposition

An organization’s success is directly linked to the health and wellness of its employees. With My Health Portal, you can give your employees direct access to activities, resources and tools that support them in achieving an active and healthy lifestyle. We help you customize the solution to your health strategy and integrate it into your business to meet your unique health and wellness needs.


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Key features of the solution include:

  • One-stop web platform: 
    Accessible at all times, My Health Portal brings together all of your organization’s health and wellness services and provides easy access to comprehensive and reliable health information.
  • Interactive mobile app:
    Includes gamification and engagement scenarios, such as individual or team-based corporate challenges, an incentive health point collection system and a messaging system to promote connection.
  • Customizable programs:
    Design, launch, and support corporate health and wellness initiatives and measure their impact.
  • Interactive assessment and reporting tools:
    Access the Health Risk Assessment (HRA) questionnaire and customized health reports for employees.
  • Goal setting and results tracking:
    Create a diagnostic and action plan for your organization.

Proven expertise

My Health Portal is a core component of Oxygen, the global health and wellness program developed and implemented by CGI and used by its

employees worldwide.


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