Tapping into next generation mobile roaming opportunities

Both customers and operators have benefited from the GSM Association's approval of a set of standards which govern the formatting and handling of call records created by roaming subscribers. These standards, including TAP3, have paved the way for easy and secure exchange of both roaming records and additional customer information.

Operators can begin to recoup investments in UMTS licenses and infrastructure through new revenue streams—providing and billing for advanced services to high value roaming customers. CGI's next generation mobile roaming billing solution, CGI's INTransitTM, is the right solution—innovative, future proof, cost effective and rapidly implemented.

Benefits to customers

From the consumer perspective, TAP3 enhances existing roaming services while extending services to more customers by enabling prepaid roaming. It provides increased tariffing transparency in roaming, making it easier for the customer to understand the real costs.

A host of new services are enabled by these standards. Anything from value-added services—such as checking the location of the nearest pharmacy—to sophisticated IN services—such as short numbering and private numbering plans—are possible while traveling. In short, TAP3 simplifies roamers' lives and improves cost control.

Benefits to operators

From an operator's perspective, TAP3 is not just about complying with the latest industry standard for sending and receiving call records between operators. Capitalizing on TAP3 through INTransit enables:

  • Offering next-generation services and improving customer care
  • Boosting revenue by billing for both new services and existing ones for which you could not previously bill
  • Reducing cost and increasing transparency by streamlining the roaming process
  • Improving cash flow by reducing time for operator reconciliation
  • Empowering your OSS to capture all the customer information provided by the standard
  • Providing you a competitive edge and reducing churn by using newly-available customer information to engineer new services
  • Reducing processing time through a high-performance, scalable architecture

Capitalize on TAP3 with INTransit

You don't need to reinvent your entire customer care and billing system (CCBS) to capitalize on the next-generation mobile roaming services. Developed in partnership with a leading European GSM operator, INTransit, can get you there.

Often it is a major challenge to keep legacy billing systems in sync with the latest standards of the TAP3 format and latest roaming business process. INTransit, can manage the end-to-end roaming billing process for you.

Combined with CGI's extensive industry expertise, INTransit is the solution you have been seeking to exploit opportunities in the next generation communications world.

INTransit meets the needs of all operators, whether your roaming call record processing and conversion is handled internally or externally. INTransit puts you in control of valuable customer information.

CGI's INTransit includes:

  • Prepaid roaming and short numbering
  • Final customer call rating and billing fed to CCBS
  • Intercarrier file exchange management
  • Customer information and profile call rating
  • Inter-operator call level discounting (e.g. on origin or destination of calls)
  • Rerating and repricing to enable individualized tariffs
  • Verification/control of clearing houses
  • Fraud management and high usage control
  • Web-based GUI
  • Usage analysis
  • Automatic TAP3 file management
  • Adoption to new standards without changes to legacy OSS

INTransit helps you address the challenges of your roaming business by:

  • Reducing time to market for new roaming services and tariffs
  • Reducing the cost and streamlining operations for handling roaming
  • Improving turnaround time for collecting roaming charges
  • Increasing cost transparency

Best of all, rapid deployment means improved cash flow and a quick return on investment for your business. Future-proof your ability to capture new revenue streams from your network investment with INTransit.

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