Equipping you for CLS success

The Continuous Linked System (CLS) continues to expand its reach and influence in the world of foreign exchange. CGI has been a part of it since day one. In fact, we helped to define the system. Now we are working with a large number of CLS member banks globally, making sure they stay ahead of the game by taking advantage of the latest CLS features.

Our market-leading solution, CLS Manager, has been designed to provide member banks with the control, reconciliation and automation capabilities needed to drive the success of their CLS business. Because of its component-based, multi-tiered architecture, CLS Manager does all of this with ease.

CLS Manager seamlessly integrates with a bank’s IT environment, applications and financial messaging systems. Its architecture ensures a high-level of security and reliability, even if a bank regularly settles in excess of 400,000 trades per day. Its flexibility and scalability enables information to be delivered effortlessly between all internal departments, as well as third and fourth party organizations, regardless of size.

As the capabilities of CSL continue to expand and evolve, so do the features of CLS Manager.

  • Want to create new revenue? CLS Manager provides the same benefits to third-party customers of settlement members as it does to the members’ branches. The flexibility of the CLS Manager organizational hierarchy means that third and fourth party customers can be added to the structure using standard screens. This enables you to easily offer CLS services to your customers.
  • Want to protect your reputation? With CLS Manager, our clients have peace of mind that they can meet their commitments in a timely manner. A full and comprehensive audit trail is also maintained and users are immediately notified of critical events.
  • Want seamless user interaction? The CLS Manager user interface is browser-based, providing quick and easy access for users across the globe. With clear, configurable screens, the interface is designed to combine ease of use with a comprehensive, up-to-date view of necessary information.
  • Want cutting edge technology? CLS Manager runs on a UNIX platform and is compatible with market-leading database and web servers. It interfaces painlessly with back-office systems using MQ messaging middleware and a wide range of standard SWIFT/XML message types.
  • Want world-class integration? CGI offers world-class system integration and project management capabilities, and we have an enviable delivery track record. With tailored product implementation, you can expect a risk free and cost effective delivery¾on time.
  • Want comprehensive support? We are here to support you 24/7. Our dedicated CLS Manager support center is staffed by skilled CGI consultants who have extensive experience in supporting mission critical systems for a global customer base.