Increasing market agility and improving operational efficiency

In an increasingly global business environment, shaken up by disruptive technology innovations and rising customer expectations, retail and consumer services organizations face new supply chain challenges in gaining and retaining customers. They need to reconsider their end-to-end supply chain within a broader and complex ecosystem of partners to implement more efficient models that will satisfy customer expectations while reducing costs. In this context, data has become a key asset for effective omni-channel operations, providing the necessary visibility for managing the end-to-end supply chain proactively.

We help retail and consumer services organizations transform their supply chain to increase flexibility, responsiveness and time to market. Our approach enables clients to acquire end-to-end visibility and build information continuity through data integration across their entire value chain.

CGI supply chain acceleration offerings

We work with clients worldwide to drive enhancements across the supply chain that result in competitive advantage, lower costs and higher profits. Our supply chain offerings include the following:

Our experience and expertise

  • 30 years of expertise and experience in building efficient, cost-effective and customer-oriented supply chain ecosystems
  • Expertise in building and running supply chains using either a modular approach or a comprehensive approach covering the entire supply chain
  • Expertise in the areas of warehouse management and automation, transport management, sales and operations planning, advanced planning; our partner experience includes Oracle, JDA, SAP and GTNexus, plus many more