Driving value through big data applications

Big data presents big opportunities, and the right way to capitalize on it is different for each organization. Data volumes for most organizations are growing rapidly, along with the variety of non-traditional data sources, such as social interactions and sensor data. Key challenges in this era of big data include organizing databases effectively for analysis and reporting, controlling the cost and complexity of data management, and maximizing the business value of data.

With the growth in data volumes and variety, and in light of recent technology advances, the system and approach you now have in place for data management might benefit from a fresh perspective. CGI’s next generation information warehouse offering brings that perspective, along with innovative solutions for improving your data management and leveraging big data to drive profitable growth.

We offer a future proof, agile and cost-effective information warehouse architecture blueprint through the following strategies:

  • Data ingestion and presentment strategy – This strategy enables you to reduce the time it takes from creating a data event to exposing that data for use. We help you leverage commodity hardware solutions and big data database systems for the largest data footprints. From a user perspective, the result is a single location in which to access all data within the organization for BI, analytics and feeds.
  • Real-time data and insight enablement strategy – This strategy enables real-time automated decision making. We help you maintain a common enterprise view of customer profile and reference data for use by BI and operational systems. In addition, we enable you to integrate insights from BI with operational event data and profiles to provide for automated, real-time decision making.

CGI delivers the roadmap to reach your ambition, in feasible and affordable steps. Our approach to helping clients choose and implement a best-fit information warehouse solution delivers significant competitive advantages, including the following:

  • Ability to scale costs to the value of data to your organization, avoiding unnecessary expense and complexity
  • Ready access to data with the right self-service reporting and analytical tools
  • Transformation of raw data into strategic information and insight
  • Better business decision-making based on a complete, accurate and holistic view of your operations and customers

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