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CGI’s DNA Evolution Framework

A transformational journey for Communication Service Providers: An effective way for CSPs to realign their corporate culture, brands and business capabilities and achieve sustainability.

Case studies

Chabla and CGI: Partnering to break down communication barriers between the deaf and hearing

In 2015, Signmark Productions, launched a new start-up, Chabla Ltd., to explore and develop new ways of breaking down communication barriers between the deaf and the hearing. Chabla partnered with CGI and, in 2016, the two companies built and launched a first-of-its-kind mobile service for enabling the deaf to make and receive phone calls—to and from anyone, at anytime.


Alma Media modernizes its payroll process

Alma Media needed a new, reliable payroll system to boost process efficiency, so it partnered with CGI. The new system provided by CGI not only drives efficiencies, but also significantly helps end users in their daily work.


CGI nominated for Best Mobile Technology

GSMA nominates Enexis, BroadForward and CGI in the category Best Mobile Technology  for the Global Mobile Awards 2016