Cloud email

Superior email management in the cloud

CGI’s Cloud Email is a built-for-enterprise, hosted email messaging solution that uses Microsoft Exchange Server 2010* to provide the mission-critical messaging services enterprise and government users demand today.  With  Cloud Email, your organization's email is hosted on a dedicated instance within a secure cloud environment  and is accessible to users on a wide range of devices or over the Internet. 


With Cloud Email, organizations can seamlessly transition from onsite messaging infrastructures that are costly and time-consuming to maintain to a low-cost, efficiency-driven cloud solution that delivers the following benefits:

  • High availability: Targets 99.9% uptime, complete with a financially-backed service level agreement.
  • Service continuity: Designed with service continuity in mind and features a redundant architecture across multiple datacenters.
  • Security: Employs industry-leading email security protection against viruses, spam and phishing threats through multiple layers of signature, dynamic reputation and zero-hour threat detection. Optional encrypted archival and data loss prevention services are also available.
  • Price-per-user pricing: With our price-per-user cost model, organizations can realize substantial cost savings in their enterprise email management.


CGI’s Cloud Email offers a wide range of features designed to drive competitive advantage, including the following:

  • Flexible messaging services:  Email,  shared  calendar,  Outlook connectivity, and Microsoft Outlook Web App  functionality provides the  flexibility to meet diverse and evolving organizational needs.
  • Multi-level data protection: Safeguards  are  applied  on  multiple  fronts—from  message  encryption  support  to  multi-level  message  filtering  capabilities  that include  spam  and  virus  protection,  to  the  logical  and  physical  security  that protects customer information in data centers.
  • Mobility device support: Mobility features provide the messaging agility that organizations require to stay competitive in the marketplace so that users can access their hosted services and stay connected anywhere in the world, while  remote  device  wipe  and  policy  provisioning  helps  to  ensure  that sensitive data is protected. 
  • Remote administration of key features: Client and user administration features are designed to help reduce help desk escalations, enhance customer service management and empower users.
  • Canadian-based data centers: Recognizing that government and certain commercial regulations require data  to  be kept in-country, we offer Cloud Email through our secure, 100% Canadian-based data centers.
  • Optional services:  Cloud Email also offers encrypted archiving and data loss prevention. If you don’t subscribe to the Microsoft Software Assurance program, we can also offer Microsoft Exchange licenses through our Microsoft Software Partner Licenses Agreement (SPLA).
  • Professional services: CGI provides expert migration services to help you seamlessly move from your current environment into the cloud, including migrating email, calendar and contact data while maintaining your existing messaging systems during the migration. We use standard, tested and proven migration processes to ensure a successful migration to Cloud Email.