Accelerating value creation through an organization that’s designed for innovation and agility
Leading digital organizations are adopting an agile operating model that enables them to respond faster to the dynamic market. Explore the design principles of an agile organization.

Becoming insights-led

Traditional operating principles worked only in the non-digital world. Today, a new operating model is required. One of the first key operating principles to embrace is the use of insights (from the market, customers and within the organization) to provide a big picture of how your enterprise is operating and to drive decision-making in every area.

The enterprise can then act on the insights, aligning its governance, decision-making and overall operations with what the insights reveal. The insights can drive new initiatives, and the enterprise can quickly understand if an initiative is successful, modifying or ending it, as necessary. With this type of approach, managing the enterprise becomes a far more dynamic and agile process, with new insights continually driving new actions.

Seventy percent of executives in the 2019 CGI Client Global Insights responded said that change is slowed by technology and agility constraints

CGI helps clients to not only use such insights but also make sure they are measuring the right things, in particular, “soft areas” that are crucial to the organization’s performance such as innovation, collaboration, customer engagement, and the mind-set and motivation of employees.