Enabling agile, digital organizations

As organizations seek to advance their digital transformation agendas, many are looking to DevOps—or integrated development, operations and quality assurance—to enable fast, modern and flexible IT that drives innovation for competitive advantage. This is because DevOps promises dramatic improvements in speed to market, productivity, quality and cost efficiency, along with self-directed and engaged teams and better IT performance.

Common challenges

And, while pursuing DevOps may be a matter of survival at this point, there have been many failed attempts. Commonly cited challenges include: changing embedded cultures, achieving business-IT alignment, and measuring return on investment. Additionally, for most organizations, DevOps must be implemented alongside traditional IT delivery methods for the foreseeable future. Key to overcoming these challenges is ensuring that DevOps programs are:

  • Designed and managed as a principle- and metrics-driven cultural transformation
  • Built upon agile continuous processes and around agile architecture
  • Supported by modern, integrated tool chains and automation

A holistic, balanced blueprint

CGI’s holistic and balanced DevOps Reference Model provides a blueprint for high-performing IT organizations. It balances the five key dimensions of Governance, Culture, Metrics, Process & Architecture, and Tools. Using this model, we create close collaboration and alignment between business and IT through empowered autonomous teams and agile architectures. Our continuous integration model is based on test-driven development that embeds security and quality at every step.

Agile, maturity-based approach

In addition, our DevOps Maturity Model helps identify gaps, guides transformation roadmaps and prioritizes initiatives across the five dimensions above, using a flexible, iterative approach. We support our clients’ DevOps transitions by partnering with them wherever they are in their DevOps maturity. Our end-to-end services include:

  • Consulting: We assess and benchmark DevOps maturity, identify and analyze gaps, and develop and execute a roadmap with discrete, measurable initiatives. We also provide coaching and organizational change management and application re-architecting for DevOps suitability.
  • Managed DevOps: As part of discrete application development or managed service engagements, we can facilitate and manage a subset or all of a client’s continuous DevOps processes, including quality-driven design and test automation, as well as host and operate components of the DevOps tool chain―either on client premises, at CGI, or in the cloud.
  • Outsourcing: As part of an outsourcing engagement, we introduce DevOps methods where strategically beneficial. Our “multi-modal” IT with hybrid delivery model uses automation to drive legacy efficiencies while accelerating digital delivery and operations with DevOps.

In addition, our modular DevOps tool chain includes pre-integrated platforms from CGI (e.g., CGI ProAction-AS, CGI TestSavvy, CGI Unify360 Hybrid IT Management Suite, and intelligent automation platforms) and other popular open source and commercial tools.

For information on how CGI can assist your organization’s DevOps transition, please contact us