Enabling agile, digital organizations

As organizations seek to support the digital transformation agenda of the business, many are looking to DevOps to enable fast, modern and flexible IT to drive innovation in the digital world.

DevOps is now on the minds of many executives, but there is some confusion around it. While it is an obvious mashup of “development” and “operations,” there is no internationally agreed standard or framework. Most agree that DevOps is a paradigm shift that helps increase speed and agility in application development and maintenance and improve alignment with rapidly evolving digital business requirements, such as rising customer expectations and faster business value.

Today’s application delivery challenges can result in significant business impacts, such as:

  • Slow time to market: when software upgrades are skipped or delayed
  • Rigidity and inflexibility: large, underutilized development infrastructures with high technical debt
  • Poor quality: releases requiring high amounts of rework and bug fixes

As adoption of agile methods yields faster more frequent releases, DevOps helps ensure software is production ready and provides increased value to the business. It does so by providing a high degree of automation in testing, release management, code and infrastructure deployment, and continuous performance monitoring of the applications ultimately shortening release cycles.  

CGI supports our clients’ DevOps transitions with transformational services that include business analysis, organizational design and change management, technical design and engineering, platform selection and implementation. These services combined with our embedded DevOps coaches provide the atmosphere and expertise our clients need to transform into a DevOps engineering culture within their organizations.

However, CGI does not limit DevOps practice strictly on agile-based teams. Regardless of software development methodology, we can partner with clients to automate and speed deployment cycles, and increase the quality of application releases.

Our DevOps services are based on a framework that encompasses the key building blocks we believe are necessary for a successful shift to the DevOps paradigm. The building blocks are aligned with the four key pillars of governance and organization, process, technology and people. 

CGI's DevOps Framework

Our DevOps model and enabling technology stacks and platforms are closely aligned and integrated with our CGI Unify360 Hybrid IT Management Suite. For information on how CGI can assist your organization’s DevOps transition, please contact us.