Test drive our digital strategy and roadmap approach When it comes to digital transformation technology is only part of the answer. Realizing the promise of digital requires transformation across three areas—organization, business model and technology. CGI has a digital ...
This overview presents our clients’ trends and priorities for digital transformation, as well as CGI’s value-based strategy and roadmap approach for helping clients become customer-centric digital organizations. It’s part of our digital transformation series.

Many organizations have handled change as a one-off project requiring specialized capabilities, such as change management. Today, however, constant disruption requires enterprises to become agile in responding to change quickly and as a normal part of business, and to become agile, enterprises have to rethink how they work. Their structure, governance, systems and processes need to evolve.

  • 77% of executives interviewed as part of the 2018 CGI Client Global Insights said they’ve made major changes to core organization structures
  • 76% of organizations have simplified the way their organization is managed.
  • 75% said they’ve increased decision-making powers of frontline employees

When organizations move from a focus on stability and control to a focus on innovation and agility, change is no longer a threat but an exciting opportunity. Using leading organizational design principles and a thorough methodology, CGI works with clients to build agile organizations that enable change to become business as usual. We empower clients to turn change into strategic advantage and growth