International Women’s Day 2023: Equity leads to equality

March 8 is International Women’s Day (IWD), a global day to reflect on women’s achievements and an opportunity for us to reinforce our commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace environment. In line with the 2023 IWD campaign, #EmbraceEquity, we recognize that while the same resources and opportunities may be allocated to groups of people, the outcomes may not be equal. Each person has different circumstances, and we are committed to providing the required access, opportunity and support for everyone to be treated equitably and thus succeed equally.



Celebrating the Women of CGI

Throughout the year, Women of CGI groups across the globe engage in networking, mentoring and professional development to help grow careers, recruit new talent, and engage in community outreach. In addition, our teams regularly host events to educate and inspire female students to become interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers and to experience hands-on learning. These activities reflect a broader set of initiatives that advance our diversity and inclusion, which is embedded in our culture.

At CGI, we are committed to sharing our progress in growing the representation of women at all levels of the organization. Annually, we report these measures in our ESG report.

women members overall
of SBU Presidents are women
of women on the Board of Directors
CGI female members


2022 ESG Report: Building a more sustainable and inclusive world

We recognize the important role we play in operating as a responsible and ethical company on behalf of our clients, members and shareholders. Our 2022 ESG report shares our actions to accelerate the careers of members who identify as women in our organization and provide a safe and empowering working environment.

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