How can you enable innovation and agility while managing cyber risks from end-to-end?

With CGI’s Digital Risk Management Advisory Services, you can manage and respond to cyber risks from end-to-end, without sacrificing business agility and innovation.

Managing risks with an insights-led approach

Today’s organizations require agility and innovation to deliver seamless digital experiences—anytime, anywhere. In response, customer, employee and supplier ecosystems have become more complex, connected and open. At the same time, cyber risks are growing in velocity and complexity.

Managing security risks in an increasingly connected and open business world demands an insights-driven and integrated security approach that extends across the enterprise. Our experts ware ready to help you exploit these technologies to deliver value—quickly and securely. Overall, our Digital Risk Management Advisory Services include:

  • Integrated Risk Management: Managing risks and linking near real-time source data to risk assessment, supported by custom visualizations for unique stakeholder needs
  • Cyber Transformation Service Framework: Using a programmatic approach to provide a holistic view of security risks and maturity that enables you to balance, scale, prioritize and justify your security investments
  • Privacy and Compliance Assessment: Providing privacy and compliance assessments, including privacy impact, privacy risk, and health assessments and recommendations
  • Supply Chain Resilience and Risk Assessment: Assessing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of vendors and their services and recommending an approach for managing them
  • Cybersecurity Crisis Preparedness: Using our library of up-to-date crisis scenarios and crisis simulations to help you prepare for crises before they happen

Case in point

Enabling a pharmaceutical firm to achieve a balanced cybersecurity posture

A North American pharmaceutical biosciences company with a global footprint was experiencing significant business issues, particularly in the area of cybersecurity. It had no security strategy, plans or policies. As a result, its security posture was ad hoc, with critical gaps.

We conducted a cybersecurity assessment, which revealed serious gaps across a number of areas, including governance, policies and operational security implementation. To address these, we helped the firm establish a more effective cybersecurity program, tailored to its specific needs, as well as satisfy industry regulators.

The program included:

  • Cybersecurity strategy
  • Governance framework, mapping accountability and responsibility
  • Detailed cybersecurity policies across all technical design and related business processes
  • Compliance assurance and risk management framework
  • Rapid implementation of CGI managed security services to provide a protective cyber envelope

Through our advice and services, the firm is well on its way to achieving a balanced and integrated cybersecurity posture that is more secure and resilient.