It is increasingly clear that cybersecurity is a key factor in a company’s performance, reputation and valuation. This point is brought home in The Cyber-Value Connection report published by CGI...

Operational technology (OT) or industrial control systems (ICS) are responsible for keeping the power on and water and gas flowing to support essential services for consumers, industry and governments. As...

This new world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming organizations as well as personal homes and even individual consumers into “data centers” where information technology is used for...

Leave the “running” of cybersecurity to trusted partners to focus on digital transformation

Mika Hållfast
Mika Hållfast

My previous blog discussed how the path to greater cybersecurity maturity requires viewing security as more than just mandatory to running the business, but also as a key enabler of...

10 measures for good IT security governance

Burns MacDonald
Burns MacDonald

The sophistication and persistence of cyber-attacks are driven by the attractiveness of an organization’s role and assets. Often they are conducted by highly skilled international organized crime groups or foreign...

Shifting from business as usual to the business of tomorrow

Mika Hållfast
Mika Hållfast

The CGI Global 1000 outlook brings together findings and insights drawn from in-person conversations with 1,000 senior business and technology leaders. In this blogpost and several others planned for the...

Insurers’ role will be critical in improving cybersecurity standards

cybersecurity practice
CGI’s Cybersecurity Practice

The rise in the cost of cyber breaches and the increase in reported incidents are driving greater demand for cybersecurity insurance, as is the growing number of cyber-related exclusions being...

Next-generation connected cars require a solid security foundation

Anna Dawrin
Anna Dawrin

Connected cars demand the same level of attention as any other feature of a company’s network. In the past, a car’s electronic control systems were always internal, so there was...