This CGI blog post discusses the top five business and IT priorities for today’s corporate banks.
What does it mean to extend the bank? Traditionally, banks have manufactured, distributed and managed all of their own products and services. The concept of extend describes how this traditional...
This CGI blog post discusses current challenges and opportunities in protecting the bank.
This CGI blog post discusses the ideal capabilities in a solution to modernize debt collections.
Many believe that digitalizing the bank is all about transforming the customer journey and experience. Others think it involves primarily the back office. It’s really about both, with some product...

Modernizing the bank: A look at key strategies and technologies

Jerry Norton Jerry Norton

2018-11-16 Modernization affects all aspects of a bank, not just the bank’s IT management and spend. It changes a bank’s organization, customer interactions, culture, and products and services. Banks spend, on...

What should banks look for in an anti-financial crime solution?

jan macek Jan Macek

2018-10-26 This blog discusses the need for a single, end-to-end solution that provides a holistic approach to fighting financial crime

The blockchain bowling alley: How distributed ledger technology goes mainstream

Nancy Amert Nancy Amert

2018-07-20 Many technologies have come and gone over the past decades. Some were hyped concepts that flopped (beenz, anyone?). Others that started from humble beginnings became ubiquitous. While every technology faces...

Liquidity management, as we know it today, will change

Johannes Sackmann Johannes Sackmann

2018-05-30 The global march toward real-time payments continues to accelerate. While banks prepare to make this a reality for their customers, one important factor is often overlooked—the issue of liquidity management....

Payments in 2018: A look back and ahead

Jerry Norton Jerry Norton

2018-05-22 True digital transformation is taking place across the industry. However, our research suggests that, while banks are transforming, there is opportunity to better align with customer expectations.