In a world that has adapted to a hybrid working environment, the definition of “social connectedness” has transformed for many. As we continue to adjust to new ways of working and living, we’re also offering new insights and resources to help our professionals alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness that can accompany our evolving reality. Our goal is to provide professionals with opportunities and tools to nurture meaningful relationships and increase their sense of community and belonging.

2023 theme: We’re better together

Each year, we organize a global initiative called Well-being Around the World that unifies us in our commitment to health and well-being. Last year, the theme for this initiative shone a spotlight on the importance of prioritizing self-care. Our 2023 theme, “We’re better together,” aims to educate our professionals about the benefits of social connection on our overall health and well-being. Research confirms that social well-being promotes positive health outcomes, such as increased longevity, improved immunity and strengthened mental resilience.

Resources to develop and sustain health and well-being

CGI strongly believes that health and well-being are crucial to the success of our professionals and of the organization. As a result, we foster an environment focused on health and well-being where all members can thrive personally and professionally.

Oxygen, CGI’s health and well-being center of expertise, helps to deliver on this commitment through a global, multidisciplinary team. With more than 400 locations around the world, our team of workplace well-being experts tailors our resources to meet the local needs of our diverse workforce and consults with senior leadership on integrating health and well-being best practices into our processes, environment and initiatives.

During the two-week Well-being Around the World campaign, we encourage our professionals to participate in local activities that stimulate and foster a sense of belonging at work and within their communities. As part of this initiative, we offer several resources and tools to help our professionals enhance their sense of connection. This includes:

  • CGI for Good, our new digital volunteering tool that gives our professionals access to local and global volunteering opportunities.
  • Social well-being toolbox, a rich resource of content to inform and inspire professionals on topics related to family (parenting, elder care, etc.), community (volunteering) and relationships (personal and professional).
  • Member resource groups, a worldwide initiative comprising groups that empower and engage our professionals with a common background, interest or purpose and offer them a safe space to openly and respectfully share their personal experiences, opinions and ideas on a wide range of topics and support each other.

To learn more about our health and well-being priorities and initiatives, read our 2022 ESG report

“At CGI, our culture of trust is built on respect for people and strong connections with and among our members. Meaningful relationships—both professional and personal—directly impact how we feel, our stress levels and even our sense of worth and fulfillment. As we evolve our ways of working together, it’s important to carve out time to develop and nurture our social connections, be it with our colleagues, family or within our communities. It can be as simple as having a coffee with a friend or colleague, joining a group with common interests at work, or volunteering for a cause you feel passionate about.”

Julie Godin

Co-Chair of the Board and Executive Vice-President,
Strategic Planning and Corporate Development