Over the past year and a half, the health and well-being of our professionals and support for our local communities has been key in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the crisis in India, we’ve witnessed an inspiring sense of community and empathy emerge. Through this unprecedented time, our professionals in India balanced their health and safety interests and those of our clients, while rallying to support local communities in the fight against the pandemic.

Providing over 100 days of virtual support

Marginalized communities, in particular, have been severely impacted in India, with many losing their livelihood and support systems. Education of children from underprivileged communities has also been disrupted. In response, more than 1,700 of our professionals volunteered to help. They gathered rations and donations for low-income and migrant workers in need. They also conducted virtual mentoring sessions and technical skills training for students and young adults, and provided educational materials and IT equipment to support learning. From April to July 2020, our professionals volunteered over 2,800 hours benefitting over 800 people across India.

Responding to critical needs during the second wave

To help respond to the devastating second wave of the pandemic, 75 of our professionals volunteered to support the critical needs of colleagues and their families. With varying and limited information available, and healthcare capacity stretched, volunteers worked round the clock to verify and provide information, find available hospital beds and critical medication, and arrange for ambulances, oxygen and medical supplies. They also provided food and other essentials for colleagues in quarantine, while extending comfort and support to their families. So far, over 500 requests have been addressed in Delhi, and the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal going beyond locations in which we operate.

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