Many people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs) in India lack access to basic education and employment. Access to structured and systematic training for adults with intellectual challenges is key to helping them become self-reliant and productive.

To bridge the disparity in skills and employment opportunities for people with IDD, we provide vocational and life skills training to 15 adults and young adults with developmental delays, cerebral palsy and autism. This vital training, developed in collaboration with Diya Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in India, enables these students to learn in an inclusive environment and grow toward economic independence.

Bridging the skills gap and promoting digital literacy

As part of this program, a tailored curriculum developed together with Diya Foundation is delivered to these adults. Life Centered Education training works with the strengths of each adult and includes modules such as:

  • Life skills, including personal, financial and household management.
  • Personal social skills, which comprises psychosocial skills such as language and communication, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills, as well as understanding personal responsibilities, anxiety and anger management.
  • Employability skills, which includes specific job skills training.
  • Digital skills, such as photo and video editing taught using multimedia and digitization workstations, and the basics of computer operations and the Internet.


Continued commitment to achieve positive outcomes

Despite the pandemic, we continued to worked closely with Diya Foundation helping to develop an e-learning module and donated laptops for both students and trainers to aid remote learning. It is imperative to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment to ensure positive life outcomes for people with IDD.

  • The program has helped students successfully develop employability skills suitable for hospitality, retail and production and packaging industries.
  • Students received internship opportunities and suitable employment placements in leading retail and hospitality establishments.
  • Scaling the virtual training model ensured more students can enroll in upcoming batches.
  • The program’s success is demonstrated in organizations’ willingness to provide employment to these students, helping them become economically self-sufficient.

At CGI, our goal is to benefit the overall well-being of the communities where we live and work.  We believe everyone should have equal access to education, employment and opportunity and this program is another step in that direction.

To learn more about our diversity and inclusion initiatives in India, visit the CGI in India CSR page.

Indian adults learning new skills