Julie Godin shares perspectives on leadership, company culture, strategic planning and more on Jacob Morgan’s podcast, Leading the Future of Work

Julie Godin

Around the world, organizations in every industry are adapting to address both rising market volatility and key macro trends shaping their futures. These trends are transforming the environment in which we operate and are materializing at an increased pace.

With these conditions, what does it take to lead in the future of work? Julie Godin shares her perspectives in Jacob Morgan’s market-leading The Future of Work Podcast, which features “in-depth conversations with the world’s top business leaders, best-selling authors and thinkers.”

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From the importance of company culture to engaging clients, employees and shareholders in strategic planning and the life of a company, Julie discusses lessons learned and how to set and achieve short- and long-term priorities in building a company that can grow and last.

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In addition to Julie’s leadership perspectives, the podcast delves into key areas that are fundamental to how CGI operates, including:

Continuously building a strong company culture

CGI is a company built on a Dream: “To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of.” This is the inspiration for our actions.

It also guides us in remaining humble in everything we do and say and building trust with our stakeholders. We build this trust through a strong company culture and the dedication of our consultants and professionals.

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Listening to the voice of your clients

Each year, we consult with our three stakeholders — clients, employees and shareholders — to better understand the major changes that have a long-term impact on the industries we serve.

For clients, over the past 5 years, this has led to more than 8,000 in-depth conversations with business and IT executives across the industries and geographies we serve.

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Examining trends to shape your future

Five trends are transforming the environment in which we and our clients live and work, including geopolitical shifts, supply chain reconfiguration, the fight against climate change, demographic changes leading to workforce shortages, and digital acceleration.

In addition to examining each trend for our own strategic planning, we collaborate with clients through our end-to-end services to help them adapt and build resiliency in the midst of these changes.

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