Helping clients become customer-centric digital organizations

CGI's clients recognize that digital technologies are fundamentally changing the nature of how they operate, how they serve customers and citizens, and how they can grow their business. They are asking: “How do I transition from my current legacy state today into a far more competitive digital enterprise capable of driving growth and creating new economic value in the future?”

Digital transformation concerns all aspects of the organization—business model, funding, culture, human capital strategy, operating model, technology, talent and more—to create an integrated digital enterprise capable of creating innovative ways to more effectively run, change and grow their business.

If done as a holistic strategy rather than via ad hoc projects, digital transformation can help you improve your competitiveness in the digital world by:

  • Maximizing the return on investment of your products and services
  • Improving operations and reducing costs X Enhancing the customer, citizen and employee experience
  • Building a proactive cybersecurity strategy and transforming security into a differentiator

To achieve these benefits, a clear strategy and roadmap is required—one that is focused on both legacy and digital technology and processes to release value, generate insights and focus on the customer. CGI can help you unlock organizational value through a digital strategy and roadmap and put you on the path to profoundly transform your business.

This overview presents our clients’ trends and priorities for digital transformation, as well as CGI’s value-based strategy and roadmap approach for helping clients become customer-centric digital organizations. It’s part of our digital transformation series.

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