Wealth management solutions

CGI realizes that an investment advisor's time needs to be spent with clients—not learning how to use software. This is why the CGI Wealth360 investment advisor solution is designed with the advisor's experience as the top priority. Using an intuitive, web-based user interface, today's sophisticated investment professional has access to a diverse array of investment management functionality.

CGI's Wealth360 investment advisor solution provides advisors with an easy-to-use system to manage their book of business. Using the powerful portfolio management functionality of MVest, the CGI Wealth360 investment advisor solution adds robust inquiry, account grouping, reporting and query functionality to our modeling, rebalancing and performance reporting capabilities. Investment advisors increase client management capabilities by leveraging CGI Wealth360's ability to integrate to an advisor's CRM solution of choice.

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Using the "My Practice" screen, investment advisors see the "big picture" view of their book of business, including recent contributions, new accounts opened, accounts in overdraft, expired trades and forthcoming maturities. Advisors can also track their AUM, overall asset allocations and review transactions. CGI Wealth360's alert feature provides a highly visible "call to action" to notify advisors of issues within their book that require attention. Advisors can subscribe only to the alerts they find relevant, such as accounts in overdraft, unacceptable drift from model or IPS (Investment Policy Statement), new accounts opened and ready for investment, new contributions, and transfers in/out.

Investment advisors view important client information such as holdings, transactions, projected income and performance with the ability to drill down to the account level or consolidate at the household level. Sophisticated and intuitive client views, lists and filters are easily created and saved, and custom report packages are generated for client meetings and/or internal use with the ability to save for on-demand retrieval.  

CGI Wealth360 provides all the support required for investment advisors to make decisions on their client portfolios for all types of investment programs. With this solution, advisors employ robust UMA/SMA rebalancing and overlay management techniques, along with discretionary model management, and non-discretionary trading strategies. CGI Wealth360 trade worksheets, IPS drift monitoring and "quick trade" console increase efficiencies and reduce the manual effort typically found within trading and rebalancing processes.

Efficient client management is critical to running a successful advisory business, and there are many excellent choices for investment advisors when it comes to CRM systems. CGI Wealth360 provides the ability to link to a firm's CRM provider of choice with our agnostic integration tier. Create a truly integrated solution featuring universal search capabilities, actionable lists and the ability to update CRM tasks from within the CGI Wealth360 user interface.

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