U.S. members share their stories about life at CGI


Exploring what really matters

Authenticity is a buzzword that is easy to say and write. It is much more challenging to walk the walk when it comes to upholding a commitment to authenticity and...

Hiring Our Heroes

As part of its enduring commitment to veterans, CGI maintains a partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes Salesforce Fellowship Program. The program allows transitioning service...

Sean Connell, CGI Federal
Sean Connell

ESP? You read my mind. (Enterprise Skills Program)


CGI's Enterprise Skills Program (ESP) is modeled after university capstone programs and designed to integrate mid-career professionals into the company's culture and business priorities.

CGI building
Life at CGI

Khalil Nasiri: Feeling welcomed as a newcomer to CGI


Khalil Nasiri Manager He/Him I manage CGI Federal's ethics and compliance program; I have been an ethics and compliance professional for about 15 years. I found a suitable position open...

CGI building
Life at CGI

Eric McFadden: Finding freedom in authenticity


Eric McFadden Vice President & General Counsel CGI U.S. Commercial and State Government I left a prestigious global law firm to join CGI, and I haven't regretted it for a...