Each year, CGI meets face-to-face with business and IT leaders to hear their views on the trends affecting their organizations. In 2018, we conducted 35 in-person interviews with oil and gas executives to learn more about their top trends and priorities.

Becoming digital and using data move to the forefront

Becoming a digital organization to meet customer expectations is the top trend cited this year (91%) by the oil and gas executives we interviewed, rising from third place last year. Using data insights and analytics also increases in importance, moving to second from fourth place last year when it was considered a new trend. It is becoming an established trend even for downstream operations. Interestingly, very few executives (6%) mentioned changing operational and business models to drive excellence as a top trend last year. This year, however, it moves strongly into third place (77%).

Most have digital strategies in place, but not across the enterprise

Sixty percent of the oil and gas executives we interviewed have a digital strategy in place. Of those with a defined digital strategy, most are in the building and launching phase in terms of extending their strategy across the enterprise. Only 6% have operationalized or are realizing results from an internally focused enterprise strategy. A slightly higher percentage (8%) have operationalized or are realizing results from an enterprise strategy that extends to external partners.

Culture change is top challenge to digital transformation

Cited challenges to digital transformation in 2018 change considerably from 2017. Budget/funding was the top challenge last year, but dropped from this year’s top list. Cybersecurity also dropped from the list. Both are surpassed by the need to establish business cases, address technology/agility/legacy constraints and transform products to customer-centric services.

Benchmarking internal IT and more

This year, business and IT executives interviewed ranked their satisfaction with their own IT organizations based on 10 key attributes of a world-class IT organization. On average, oil and gas organizations are aligned with overall global IT satisfaction levels but are above average for the attribute of alignment with the line of business. Within the industry and across several attributes (such as innovation, on-time/on-budget and alignment with lines of business), business satisfaction levels are somewhat higher than those on the IT side.

CGI can provide clients with a discussion of all available benchmarking, including each client’s positioning, on topics such as digital maturity, IT budgets, IT satisfaction, innovation investments and more.

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