Integrated, customer-centric view of all plan holdings

In the current economic environment, customers are looking for ways to efficiently manage their savings and plan holdings. This requires a solution that enables a financial institution to deliver a competitive and agile product mix, which in turn provides the ability to deliver superior customer service, capture market share and increase customer spend.


CGI's Wealth360 plan administration solution provides a proven and robust multi-currency platform, serving the Canadian financial services industry. Powered by CORE, Wealth360 manages the legislative features for all federal and provincial rules associated with registered and non-registered plans. It provides financial institutions with the capability to design and develop a unique suite of products that can be delivered quickly and economically to any point of sale within a client’s organization.

Benefits include the following:

  • Support for all federal and provincial products such as RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, RESP, RDSP, and non-registered plans
  • Savings account component that manages all of the credits and debits that flow through the plan, enabling the plan to act as a central account for transactions, plan reporting, and taxation
  • Open architecture that supports the integration of plan administration and term products into any financial institution’s sales and distribution channel, assisting organizations in attracting and retaining customers, capturing market share, and increasing revenue

Customer centric

CGI's Wealth360 plan administration solution provides financial institutions with a consolidated customer-centric view of all plan holdings. The strength of the solution lies in the separation of the plan from the investments held in the plan. This allows for the management of all legislative and taxation rules at the plan level and improved time-to-market, enabling changes to be made quickly and economically. Legislative changes are made once and delivered to all plans simultaneously without impacting the investments held.

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