Take complete control over your revenue

As the portfolio management industry transitions to a fee-based model, financial institutions need a partner who understands how to use technology to run programs efficiently. CGI’s Weath360 provides flexible fee calculation and billing capabilities to suit today’s growing fee-based business.

With 35 years of experience serving the financial services industry, CGI has learned that a one-size-fits-all approach to management fees is ineffective. Management fee structures should be based on the needs of the business, not on the limitations of the software. Using the powerful functionality of MVest, CGI’s Wealth360 includes a flexible management fee module providing firms with the ability to design fee programs to suit the specific needs of their advisors and clients.

The management fee module allows firms to design, calculate, and track custom management fees, as well as generate invoices and record payments. This module can be used as part of a larger Wealth360 portfolio management solution or as a stand-alone component of an existing platform.

A flexible, building-block approach to fee design

Fee rules: The Wealth360 management fee module allows firms to create individual rules that form the building blocks for master fee rules that can be applied to user-defined client fee groups. Avoid the administrative headache of tracking individual rules for each account. Discounts and exclusions are used to tailor existing rules to fit specific situations, such as reductions for loyalty, passing specific asset thresholds, or excluding non-managed assets.

Fee groups: Fee groups can be set up based on individual accounts, households, product types, investment programs, or any other set of grouping requirements. Firms can exercise complete control over the calculation and billing frequency of each group.

Flexible billing options: Fees can be taken pro-rata out of all the accounts in the group or can be assigned to specific accounts from which fees are drawn. Alternately, fees can be drawn via electronic funds transfer (EFT) from a client’s bank account.

Invoicing and payments: In addition to calculating and generating fees, the management fee module can be used to produce client invoices and track fee payments.

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