Achieving a well-diversified portfolio

To better manage client expectations and add value, advisors must understand that each investor has a unique set of investment objectives for achieving their financial goals. Through a specialized toolset and interactive user experience, CGI Wealth360 enables advisors to effectively gain and apply this understanding, resulting in improved client acquisition and retention and an increased book of business.

Through the use of tools such as risk profiling, Monte Carlo simulations, alternative investment scenarios, historical back-testing and strategy comparisons, an advisor can demonstrate how to best align a client’s goals, risk tolerance and investments. CGI Wealth360 assists advisors in formulating suitable asset allocation recommendations through interactive, illustrative and easy-to-use functionality. Efficient asset allocations are then generated to ensure a well-diversified portfolio is achieved. CGI’s Wealth360 enables advisors to more effectively perform the following functions to drive better results for their clients and business:


Work closely with clients to determine and understand their unique financial circumstances, along with their individual financial acumen and risk tolerance. Through the use of illustrative tools such as a configurable questionnaire, current holdings assessment, and the flexibility to capture notes pertaining to
specific areas during any meeting, advisors can easily educate clients and demonstrate the value of their expertise.


Validate portfolio recommendations. Wealth360’s asset allocation solution provides an advisor with the ability to execute his or her fiduciary responsibility through capabilities such as historical back-testing, current portfolio comparison, and wealth projections. Armed with an in-depth understanding of a client, an advisor can produce an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) or proposal with the click of a button.


Help your clients plan for the future and along the way ensure they are on course. Through Wealth360, demonstrate asset allocations that will align a client’s expected return with his or her risk profile. As financial objectives or personal circumstances change, easily recall a client’s IPS and update information accordingly. Demonstrate appropriate adjustments to the recommendations and move clients from their current holdings easily into firm designed or custom allocations.

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