The proliferation of cloud, mobile and Internet of Things further extends the complexity of the technical environment that needs protection. These resources may be susceptible to both internal threats, such as disgruntled employees, and external threats, such as malware, identity theft rings, hacktivists and more. CGI's flexible solutions balance capability and cost, allowing agencies to deploy our cybersecurity expertise in the model best suited to their needs.

  • Security consulting – providing risk assessment plans for improving security posture, policy and procedure development for internal and external threats, analytics, forensics, recovery and training 
  • Security systems integration and implementation  helping clients implement and operate security systems and tools, including security information and event management systems, web content filtering tools, and continuous diagnostics and monitoring (CDM) to automatically assess a security posture
  • Security operations centers (SOCs) – providing managed security services, to include 24/7 systems monitoring, real-time reporting and immediate action on suspicious activity, whether on government client premises or at CGI managed SOCs
  • Application security – drawing on more than a decade of application security experience, from design and test to remediation and deployment, including cryptographic key management for high-value business processes.

Additional services include identity and access management, cloud security and software security testing for common criteria standards via our U.S. IT Security Lab.

CGI experts work in various government and critical infrastructure environments that include high-intensity engagements with U.S. military and intelligence nerve centers and high-profile multi-national defense programs, successfully defending U.S. government networks, critical infrastructure and corporate intellectual property. This expertise is honed and deployed to protect other levels of government. We leverage investments in security innovation and expertise to accelerate new technology and tactics from research to test to operations. 


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