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Rapid deployment for cost recovery tracking

Our full-service solution includes a pre-built cost recovery framework and focuses on client collaboration and rapid deployment to provide hard-to-access insights and answers for decision-makers, showing executable tracking data within days. The cost recovery dashboard consists of key data summarized for stakeholder personas across data sources, including revenue loss by territory, resource and logistics costs, government mandates, and deferred compliance efforts.

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Built with deep CGI expertise and the agility of the Salesforce platform

CGI’s unique position of delivering solutions and services for the utilities industry, paired with our extensive Salesforce implementation expertise, means our experts can deliver a fully-integrated customer service solution quickly. With the clarity and flexibility of the Salesforce platform, our energy assistance case management solution brings a simple user interface and streamlined integration experience for quick results. As an experienced Salesforce integration partner, CGI brings global expertise in implementing and optimizing the platform using our proven process:

Operational analysis
Our team meets with leadership to review the utility’s current approach and understand the immediate tactical plan. We then review and align the pre-built cost framework for operational response to COVID-19 and related revenue losses.
Dashboard deployment

CGI teams work with your business teams to perform accounting updates, data access and support dashboard metrics for cost recovery. We work with your transmission and delivery operations to identify what-if scenarios on project prioritization and risk assessment.

Forward planning

We implement a cost-tracking framework built to support the future of potential events, working with your Emergency Event Response teams and Rate Case teams to include all aspects.

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