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Kevin Greer

The federal CFO office of the future

2019-07-23 The federal government is undergoing a period of rapid change in how its agencies handle back-office operations, information technology and human resources. These changes affect every aspect of an agency’s executive function, including the chief financial officer’s (CFO) role.

Austin Gaspard
Austin Gaspard

Onshore delivery up close: Living locally. Working Globally

2019-03-14 Editor’s note: As part of our series spotlighting our onshore delivery centers, we reached out to a handful of the CGI members featured in our new videos. We asked them to share their experiences and expand on the story you...

Candace Riddle
Candace Riddle

Creating value within the PMO by adding a scheduling service

2018-07-23 The schedule is at the heart of performance for each and every project. Developed appropriately, it gives the project manager and stakeholders a roadmap for operationalizing or implementing the strategic initiatives of the organization. Developing a project plan that provides...

John Owens
John B. Owens II

How commercial best practices can aid federal agency process change

2018-07-02 Fortunately, commercial industry has already cleared the trail, at least partially. The private sector has amassed significant experience in disciplines such as agile methodology, DevOps and shared services. Commercial organizations are often adept at establishing a continuous development/deployment/test pipeline and...