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Debra Sherrill

What makes a good IT services partner?

2023-01-18 After your company has been in business for a while, your customers will begin asking for a product or service you don’t have the resources to provide. Alternatively, another company might reach out to you for the same reason. While...

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Doris Mártir

How can an agile coach ensure transformation success?

2022-11-02 CGI helps build more agile business practices into operations. Organizations should invest in talented leaders with knowledge in agile methodologies. Read more.

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Joshua Jorgensen

The importance of equitable data science

2022-03-15 One of the most important things we can do is help our communities - it is key to remember that there is a data science community. Today’s big topic is about ensuring equitability for all. As a society, it is...

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Technology Innovation Practice

The myth of the single pane of glass

2022-02-16 Nearly every organization in the world, from state and local governments to multi-national corporations, is executing or planning its hybrid cloud or multi-cloud journey. As part of this endeavor, many business and IT leaders look at the future state complexity...

Austin Gaspard
Austin Gaspard

Onshore delivery up close: Living locally. Working Globally

2019-03-14 Editor’s note: As part of our series spotlighting our onshore delivery centers, we reached out to a handful of the CGI members featured in our new videos. We asked them to share their experiences and expand on the story you...

Candace Riddle
Candace Riddle

Creating value within the PMO by adding a scheduling service

2018-07-23 The schedule is at the heart of performance for each and every project. Developed appropriately, it gives the project manager and stakeholders a roadmap for operationalizing or implementing the strategic initiatives of the organization. Developing a project plan that provides...