Life sciences organizations struggle to provide effective ways of finding, using and compliantly managing controlled GxP quality content [such as standard operating procedures (SOPs), methods, specifications, etc.)] and information to meet the needs of stakeholders both within and outside the organization.

This content is sometimes stored in more than one content management system, or in systems that are outdated or no longer supported. Multiple or outdated systems are not only costly to maintain, they also increase the potential for non-compliance and do not provide the visibility into quality processes or collaboration capabilities that are required in today’s increasingly outsourced manufacturing environment. Life sciences organizations need systems in place to effectively manage quality information as required by health authority regulations.

CGI has extensive experience working with quality organizations to establish and implement a strategy that effectively manages controlled quality content.

Below are some of the benefits that can be achieved by implementing quality content management (CM) capabilities and optimizing compliance document management:

  • Enhanced GxP compliance
  • Increased collaboration
  • Higher user-adoption
  • Greater business productivity
  • Reduced cost of ownership