The challenge

Climate change and the increasing number of large-scale severe weather events are challenging how utilities approach restoration response. Most utilities are using homegrown, outdated systems making it difficult to manage the large number of resources necessary for efficient and effective recovery. Manual processes create logistical challenges, while high phone call volumes and disjointed communications hinder real-time visibility and situation management. These factors make it difficult for storm coordinators and other stakeholders to make vital decisions for effective storm restoration and operational efficiency.

To overcome these challenges, utility companies are pursuing a common digital platform to manage activities and processes around resources, logistics, financials, work and situational awareness. Utilizing CGI OpenGrid360 storm management capabilities, storm coordinators and stakeholders are able to connect and communicate with suppliers and contractors in real-time.

The solution

CGI OpenGrid360 storm management capabilities support the full life cycle of a storm event from anticipating and securing resources to mobilization and restoration, through release and demobilization. The digital platform helps coordinate resources and improve visibility across the utility. Stakeholders and restoration personnel across all operating companies, functional storm response groups, contractors and vendors are connected through web and mobile applications. The platform supports field updates and messages captured on a mobile app that works with any Android or Apple device. External organizations responding to the event benefit from utilizing a common cloud-based platform. Hotels and restaurant partners may also leverage the web application for improved lodging and meal planning. CGI OpenGrid360 storm management capabilities coordinate these processes in one solution, helping make the most informed decisions and facilitating instant communication and visibility between their emergency storm centers and the entire restoration workforce.

Key benefits

CGI OpenGrid360 storm management capabilities provide all information in one place with real-time updates to ensure stakeholders are making timely decisions for effective and efficient recovery. In addition, the utility company benefits from:

  • Increased process and operational efficiency with more rapid acquisition of resources necessary to restore services from severe outage events
  • Streamlined resource and logistics communications through mobile app notifications for all external resources (i.e. onboarding information, lodging, meals and miscellaneous messaging)
  • Enhanced visibility of all resources for storm management stakeholders and decision-makers on a common reporting platform, including GPS tracking of active resources to provide more accurate estimated time arrival and updates
  • Improved collaboration and data gathering to make better tactical storm restoration decisions