As severe weather, disaster and even pandemic events become more frequent and prevalent, utilities require a holistic view and single digital platform to effectively manage their response. CGI’s Storm Manager, part of our CGI OpenGrid360 suite, provides one integrated application to consolidate all aspects of an event, including: resource management, logistics, financials, work and situational awareness.

Changing industry trends

Utilities are facing significant pressure to quickly, effectively, and safely repair their infrastructure to be back up and running after severe events. To respond to such events, utilities bring in large numbers of external resources and equipment, creating widespread logistical challenges. Regulatory scrutiny and financial oversight are becoming more demanding, and customers’ expectations continue to grow. Utilities are recognizing the value of harvesting information from social media to improve their response capabilities.

Developed based on front-line experience, CGI Storm Manager provides a comprehensive digital platform to effectively manage all processes and activities during severe storms and disasters.

Grasping the Opportunity: Ofwat’s innovation fund for the water sector

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