It’s time to think big. Now is the time to develop flexible, agile strategies aligned to big bets to accelerate your organization’s future and compete in the new normal. How banks navigate the pandemic and subsequent changes to work will determine how they will operate in the future.

What is changing?

Banks have had to quickly rethink workflows, workplaces and technological constraints to stay connected, productive and relevant. Our banking clients have been reacting rapidly to impacts with both shorter and longer-term strategies addressing their biggest concern areas. While branches are not going away completely, many banks are rethinking their branch strategy and are looking at how to best nurture customer relationships, whether that is in-person or digitally. Banks are also exploring digital tools and collaboration to enable their employees to work remotely. However, banks must still address the cultural and organizational changes needed to sustain this shift to the future of work.

What does the future of work look like?

We see the future of work in banking as the enablement of people, processes and technology to achieve highly productive operations through digital channels, all while putting the customer experience at the forefront. Navigating a rapid move to the future of work with agility and speed is critical for the banking industry to continue its operations and projects through adverse conditions.

Reimagining the future of work for banking should involve:

  • Technology enabling connection
  • Seamless, integrated employee and customer experiences
  • Workforce and AI in partnership
  • Mobilized resources at speed and scale
  • Enterprise culture of continuous improvement
  • Optimized operations

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