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CGI, alongside partner Hydro-Québec, is partnering with UK Power Networks to introduce the Intelligent Maintenance of Electric LineS (MILES) network fault location solution to the UK

Mark Thompson

Data access and user experience: key success factors to reach Net Zero objectives

25 January 2021 Data and technology can play a fundamental role in the challenging journey towards Net Zero, as discovered by a CGI survey ahead of last year’s NWG Innovation Festival design sprint.

CGI will develop a prototype demonstrating the scientific value of a Digital Twin Earth in understanding and improving the productivity and resilience of global food systems.

The UK Ministry of Defence and CGI have reached a strategic milestone in defining the migration of services to the MOD secure cloud as part of the Cortisone programme.

From CGI Global Insights Report, only 12% of executives said that they were seeing results at an enterprise level from their digital strategy. Where executives were seeing success, an agile operating model was quoted as being a key lever to...

CGI has signed an extension to its contract with Scottish Borders Council, which will see the global IT and business consulting services company continue as the local authority’s primary provider of end-to-end managed IT services until 2040.

Rich Hampshire
Rich Hampshire

Race to Net Zero - Why data (and a plan) are the key to winning the race

12 October 2020 To beat climate change and reach Net Zero targets, private and public organisations need to focus on data and build an actionable game plan.