At CGI, we do things differently.


We listen, as we don’t think we know better. We understand your problem first, then work together to find the solution.

Our ambition is to help health and care organisations deliver the right care for everyone, at the right time, in the right place and from the right people.

These are the personal stories that inspire our work in health and care and why we do things differently.

Simon Berman

Deputy Chair Health and Care Technology Assurance Group for CGI UK & Australia

Simon is the driving force behind a charity focused on improving the health and life chances of children with serious heart conditions. The impetus behind his charity work, which followed a very personal tragedy, also inspired Simon to bring his technology expertise into the health and care sector with CGI, in particular focusing on the digital integration of health with care and community services, and recognising that health is more than just the hospital.

Maxine Bulmer

Vice President Consulting Delivery Cyber Security for CGI UK & Australia

Maxine recalls how an incident of mistaken identity during a hospital appointment when her daughter was a baby, made her realise how vital it is for health and care operators to access the right patient information in a safe and secure way.

Justene Ewing

Vice President Health and Care CGI UK & Australia

Justene knows the NHS is a phenomenal organisation to work for having worked there herself, and seeing her son develop from a care assistant to an Operational Department Practitioner now thriving in his career, enabled by the incredible people in the NHS. However, this incredible workforce urgently needs the health and care sector to evolve and transform to ensure its future sustainability by collaborating with industry and academia, as we all have a role to play.

Stuart Parsons

Director Consulting Services for Health and Care CGI UK & Australia

Stuart sadly lost his mother to cancer during the pandemic. Seeing the incredible level of care and support that both his mum and the family received at home where she wanted to be treated, made him realise how important personalised care is and what his work in digital technology can do to help improve that.  

Neil Timms

Senior Vice President for Space Defence and Intelligence CGI UK & Australia

Neil is lucky to have not had to use the NHS greatly, but he knows the challenges and intricacies of a complex health and care system, after nearly 20 years of CGI building and running the Defence Medical Information Capability Programme, supporting Primary Care services for the Ministry of Defence.

Lisa White

Chief Technology Officer for Health and Care CGI UK & Australia

Lisa talks about her daughter who was born prematurely at 26 weeks 17 years ago. Her baby spent 104 days in intensive care and the personalised dedicated and family centred care that they received as a family has inspired Lisa to use her skills to support a sector that has done so much for her family.

John Wordsworth-Goodrum

Vice President Consulting Services for Public Sector in Scotland

John reflects on dealing with the NHS when his elderly father suffered a nasty fall. He believes technology, used in the right way, can enhance patient experience reducing waiting time and stress, especially when it comes to accessing information and providing timely communication. And improve the overall level of care clinicians and carers so passionately provide.