We continue to make strides in reducing our gender pay gap at CGI in the UK, and are conscious that sustaining a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is key.


With these latest gender pay gap results for 2021, we can report another year of good progress with a further reduction in the difference between the mean and median rates of pay for males and females at CGI in the UK. Our headline pay gap figures now stand at 8.0% and 11.4% for our mean and median pay gaps, compared to 9.3% and 12.4% for April 2020.

At CGI we continue to focus on improving female representation within our business and supporting female progression by pay and seniority levels. While some of our plans were disrupted by the unusual circumstances of 2020 and the pandemic, I am pleased that our continued focus on member* promotion strategies, with a particular emphasis on supporting female progression, is having a positive effect.

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion remains central to our people plans in CGI. We are committed to providing an environment in which all members have an equal opportunity to fulfil their potential. I’m pleased that with this latest annual report we are showing further progress, but there is much still to do.

Tara - president-cgi-uk-operations

Tara McGeehan
President, CGI UK & Australia

Headline Gender Pay Gap figures for CGI in the UK

CGI Mean Gender Pay Gap  


CGI Median Gender Pay Gap 


Mean Bonus Pay Gap



Median Bonus Pay Gap



Percentage Receiving a Bonus

Female 82.7% 


Male     80.7% 



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* As a company with a unique ownership culture, we call our employees ‘members’ as the majority are shareholders in their company.

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