Inside RackenFlow there are several kinds of tools for Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligens (AI) and Advanced Analytics, all of them ready to use.

It is also possible to add smart visual functions like Augmented Reality (AR) and HoloLens glaces, the whole set-up reminds of a horizontal AI-factory.

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Bringing business value from locked in data to work in the fastest and controlled way as possibly with the market leaders. Supporting Pay-for-use price model.

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Uddeholm, one of the world´s leading steel manufacturer, wanted to improve its manufacturing process by predicting when costly cracks might appear in the finished product. CGI analyzed the problem and provided the knowledge needed to adjust the process.

Machine learning model predicts when cracks will occur

Our client was curious - could they find a way to minimize the number of cracks in the material that they manufacture? They had an abundance of data and the challenge was to interpret it in order to improve the production processes. CGI worked together with Uddeholm to develop a high-powered machine learning model that could predict – with over 70% accuracy – where and when cracks would occur. 

The RackenFlow was set up to assist

A fast and secure RackenFlow was deployed to assist the project when searching for the answers on the client´s needs, starting in the cloud ending on premises. Uddeholm can now further refine their production processes in ways which weren’t possible before.

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Distributed Data science

Discover how RackenFlow empowers your organization with distributed Data Science for everyone.

Way of working

Innovation sprint & project

Prove the unknown! You will discover new things by working with our methodology developed by our innovation team, which already has proven its track record.

Trusting your supply chain with personal information

White paper RackenFlow

How we can assist you and your needs, in search of the best solution.

CGI has developed a platform, RackenFlow, for BigData, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligens, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics. Our goal is to maximize your investment by providing Open Source to make this happen. When you use our broad range of modules , you can bring your own tooling or use our tools together with our own IP. 

The purpose of RackenFlow is to bring business value from “locked in” data to work in the fastest and most controlled way as possible.  

By unleashing data from isolated vertical solutions into a shared Big Data and Advanced Analytics service, you will quickly get new and invaluable insights about the business.