• Process Modelling

The first step of the Pre-study is to understand how you work today and how you would like to work in the future. The focus is on the main business processes that lie within the scope of the CRM implementation. This is done in a workshop or interview format.

  • Requirement Analysis

This reflects the process of gathering requirements for the CRM system as well as the new way of working. Employees are to openly discuss the requirements in a broader perspective. This secures the scalability and potential future evolvement of the implementation.

  • Information Model

An information model is a graphical overview of the information the CRM system will contain, including relationships and structure of the
information objects. The information model is updated as functionality is added and the system grows, but the core structure remains.

  • Project Plan

Once the process models, the requirement analysis, and the information model are in place, the project plan can be set up. It is a formal,
approved document to guide both project execution and project control. The project plan also contains a proposed solution roadmap for a suggested step-by-step implementation, including the system roll-out and end user training. A proposal with the time frame, the project scope, and a price is included.

  • Change Management

This is integrated in the project plan and explains the key changes in the organization when it comes to way of working, thinking, systems, and processes.

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