IAM IDMaaS (Identity Management as a Service) is one of many services from CGI in the area of Identity and Access Management. The demand for identity management continuously grows since the IT landscape is more complex than ever before. To have control of identities is a key concern when it is no longer enough to rely on perimeter security infrastructure when protecting organizational resources. To introduce an on-premises identity management solution is a complex and resource intensive project. It takes time to build infrastructure and knowledge which means it might take significant time before the solution brings value to the business. A solution to this is to buy identity management as a service, which means the organization can focus on the business processes for identity management and not on the deployment of the infrastructure. This brings value to the business in a much shorter time!

IAM IDMaaS is a very cost effective identity management solution which brings great value to business in a short time.

  • Automated identity management based on source system data
  • Easy to deploy life cycle management
  • Gives increased quality and more effective provisioning of accesses
  • Includes report functionality and auditing
  • Uses standard components for integration
  • Improved end user experience providing user self service
  • Password management with secret questions


IAM IDMaaS exists of a number of pre- and well defined base services and a number of add-on services. Since the base services are well defined and are using standard components no further development is needed. This also means that they are very fast to deploy. Examples of base services is lifecycle management including provisioning of base accesses for two managed systems (Active Directory and another optional LDAP directory), standard workflow process and self-service for password management including management of secret questions.


Integration to a source system for identity data is a fundamental component to automate identity management, and oneDet integration is included in the base services. IDMaaS uses standard components to build this integration and therefore this process is really fast to deploy. A simple file transfer from customer source system to IDMaaS is all that is needed!