Organizations face greater and greater need for efficient Identity and Access Management than before. They need to address rapid change in staffing (hiring, temporary assignments, termination) and at the same time meet increased security requirements and compliance to regulatory requirements. Other factors are increased productivity and cost reduction in administration of identities and access rights. IAM Concepts is the generic name used for describing how CGI works with Identity and Access Management. The goal is to help the customer to achieve well-functioning management of identities and full control over access to resources and information.


Different organizations will have different business drivers to work with within the area of Identity and Access Management. The drivers can be categorized in the following way:

  • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (Identity and Access Governance – IAG) – to be in control and be able to prove it. Both from the aspect of ensuring who gets access as well as follow-up on who had access at a certain point in time to resources and information.
  • Improve Business Service – flexible handling of identities and access rights enhance the possibility to rapidly introduce and provide access to new solution areas, technologies and services. For many organizations, the user experience has become a success factor and through IAM it is possible to establish concepts like self-service to improve support to customers and partners.
  • Efficiency – Reduced cost of administration of identities and access rights through automation of processes to provision access rights. Self-Service and Single Sign-on will also reduce cost for supporting end-users and increase their productivity.


CGI’s approach to the whole IAM area is founded on a holistic perspective beginning in an overall responsibility for the processes involved in handling identity information and access rights to resources and information. The IAM concept is product independent and the customer’s preferences for products and platforms will govern how the solutions are designed.