Most digital transformation programs have been in progress for many years. Yet, in our 2021 CGI Voice of Our Clients research, only 24% of retail executives are achieving tangible results from their digital strategies.

How can retail organizations accelerate their transformation to deliver on their brand promise while ensuring profitability and growth?

This paper explores the challenges and opportunities of being a retail organization in today’s digital age. Adapting rapidly to change requires retailers to accelerate their digital transformation in a holistic manner that avoids hype and is grounded in proven, scalable customer-centric solutions. We offer actionable insights and recommendations to address eight critical issues facing retail organizations: 

1. Transforming for omnichannel profitability 2. Becoming more sustainable organizations 3. Making data more agile to enhance the customer experience 4. Empowering employees to support the transformation
5. Digitizing legacy systems to increase supply chain agility 6. Keeping the customer promise through inventory accuracy and optimization 7. Enhancing collaboration to accelerate transformation 8. Protecting business continuity and brand reputation