This recording of a November 10, 2020 HIMSS webinar, explores crucial factors in the development, launch and distribution of a successful COVID-19 vaccination program aimed at expeditiously serving the U.S. population. The discussion features Rehana Wolfe, Director and Consulting Expert at CGI, and Lois Privor-Dumm, Sr. Advisor, Policy, Advocacy & Communications Director, Adult Vaccines at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Key discussion points include:

  • The underlying differences in routine versus pandemic immunization
  • A detailed understanding of the health ecosystem, key players and factors crucial to the distribution and administration of a successful COVID-19 vaccine
  • Public education – Crucial information the public needs given the possibility that more than one vaccine could potentially be approved for use
  • Strategies for gaining public confidence and trust in vaccines
  • How we can measure success in the COVID-19 immunization programs

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