Utilities in the U.S.

Operational excellence and customer focus

The U.S. utility landscape is constantly evolving: Climate change, security of supply and shifting demand patterns. New meters, grids, regulations, energy sources, products, services and customer expectations. How much can you deliver in this new landscape with the same systems, processes and tools? Where do you need to innovate and invest?

Change presents the opportunity to transform operations, upgrade aging assets and increase operating efficiencies, service levels and reliability. This requires re-evaluating traditional ways of doing business and making sense of new sources of information from smart meters, smart grids and renewable and distributed energy sources.

What is the smart move? We believe the answer lies in improving your asset and resource optimization to streamline and improve your entire business.

CGI offers end-to-end IT services across the utilities industry, including the electricity, downstream natural gas, and water and waste sectors. We have deep experience in both regulated and unregulated markets and have formed long-term client relationships with the world’s largest utilities.

As a partner to 60+ utilities in North America and Europe, including top market utilities such as Southern California Edison, Exelon and PPL, we deliver innovative technologies to meet current and future requirements and help ensure long-term growth and success. 

CGI offers a unique combination of global utilities expertiseintellectual property-based solutions, including our Asset & Resource Management suite, as well as business consulting, systems integration, business process services and IT outsourcing.

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