IT Modernization in the U.S.

Achieving greater agility and cost efficiency

A major challenge on the path to digital transformation is balancing the need to invest in change with the need to run day-to-day operations. As technology evolves rapidly, more legacy systems are becoming obsolete. The cost of maintaining these antiquated systems is a material drain on IT budgets; the risk of critical interruptions increases each day; and the inflexible technology is a major barrier to change.

At CGI, we believe IT modernization is about enabling business agility to meet evolving demands, mitigate IT-related risks and improve performance.

Modernization is a critical step in the digital transformation journey, since a superior customer experience and operational excellence both require connecting legacy to digital. IT modernization typically means making current systems more efficient and user-friendly, where as digital transformation involves increasing program effectiveness by fundamentally changing the way an organization does business.

CGI offers proven modernization services and best practices across IT infrastructure and applications. We help clients plan, evaluate and implement an integrated approach that achieves its intended efficiency goals to pave the way for digital transformation. CGI also applies our expertise in organizational change management to help clients realize the full benefits of change.

Our key solutions services include:

  • Enterprise application portfolio transformation
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • System performance and quality
  • Infrastructure rationalization and virtualization
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Mainframe optimization and re-platforming
  • Mainframe to cloud assessment
Data center
  • Data center consolidation and optimization
  • Cybersecurity assessment