Digital Customer Experience in the U.S.

Enabling responsive, seamless service

Consumers expect digital services to be fast, personalized, anywhere and anytime. Leading organizations are driving unique value and competitive advantage by providing responsive and seamless customer and citizen experiences across all channels. These organizations understand how customers and citizens interact with their services and work to continually improve the experience, all while respecting data privacy.

CGI helps clients improve the customer and citizen experience in key areas such as:

  • Digital solution strategy: Developing digital solutions that provide simple, intuitive interfaces and embrace the intersection of digital and data, where an organization’s rich data assets and deep analytical capabilities enrich every part of the user experience. 
  • Omni-channel experience: Helping clients engage holistically with customers and using digital channels to deliver seamless, intuitive experiences that use devices and platforms of the customer’s choice.
  • User-centered design: We apply user experience design and analytics to inform ongoing design and innovation to deliver apps and digital interfaces that people genuinely want to use. We also can review application designs to ensure UX and click-streams are efficient, intuitive and sensible and can test the application for UX concerns.
  • Continuous improvement: The more digital services available and the more information collected, the more opportunities there are for improvement. CGI helps clients develop insight-led processes, supported by advanced technology for measurement and analysis, to manage and continually improve customer and citizen engagement and satisfaction.
  • Agility: We help clients streamline inefficient, disconnected processes and enable workforces to operate in highly digitalized environments to improve responsiveness. Agile and DevOps techniques are used to get services launched faster while maximize existing investments. The goal is fewer, better and more up-to-date interactions for the customer or citizen.
  • Information management & analytics: Data insights from mobile, social and geo-location are integrated with other datasets to improve business process efficiency and customer satisfaction.