Government agencies are responsible for managing land and resources. Yet, delivering on these trust responsibilities is not an easy task. With CGI’s Trust Asset Accounting Management System (TAAMS) and services, agencies efficiently meet their land management requirements through built-for-government tools that address a variety of land trust responsibilities.

TAAMS is a comprehensive suite of integrated applications and services. Its features and benefits include:

  • End-to-end service offering provides a variety of options, from software and planning to implementation, training, hosting and maintenance
  • Flexible deployment can be an integrated system across an entire government organization, or as a stand-alone application within a specific department or agency area
  • Web-based and open integration standards provide for ease of deployment and maintenance costs, which enhances effectiveness in areas such as real-time operations, intuitive usability, greater self-service and enhanced integration
  • Integrates with robust GIS and mapping, content management, mineral management and trust financial management tools.

TAAMS modules include:

  • TAAMS Title – maintains and tracks land title documents, supporting revenue distribution, invoicing, acquisitions and all legal details relating to land transactions and providing easy access to title track information
  • TAAMS Realty – establishes, tracks and manages various contracts (such as surface area, mineral, Right of Way and range), and automates invoicing, collections and revenue distributions using captured payment information
  • TAAMS Accounting – manages the receipt and distribution of all trust funds with features that include automated invoicing, online collections, Mineral Management Services (MMS), interfacing, land owner distributions, receivable subledgers and supporting financial details
  • TAAMS Reports – provides for customized reports in such areas as land utilization, title status, owner inventory, lands available for leasing, chain of title history and distribution of income

Adaptable to each client’s specific requirements, TAAMS is a best-value, low-risk solution that enhances accountability and access to information. It also reduces redundancy across departments and agencies and improves productivity through easily accessible data and processes.