CGI's powerful solution that addresses order capture, convergent provisioning, and order fall-out

Supporting convergent services in today's market is a competitive necessity; supporting them efficiently is a competitive differentiator. With the rapid growth of bundled offers, ever-expanding marketing channels, and increasingly complex provisioning and activation environments, many providers are plagued by inefficient order management processes - leading to problems such as delayed time to market for new services, increased order fallout and manual processing, and potential fines and penalties for regulated services.

With CGI's Tapestry Order Management solution you have access to a flexible, unifying solution that leverages existing systems with state-of-the-art strategies and tools to dramatically streamline the entire order management process. The order management solution uses Tapestry Service Manager and Tapestry Order Acquisition Manager to consolidate the ordering, account management, and provisioning of complex bundled products such as "quad-play" packages of voice, data, video and wireless services. The modules making up Tapestry Order Management can be deployed individually to address specific functional areas, or together as a comprehensive solution. The solution addresses complex order management problems out-of-the-box by using the following features:

Tapestry Service Manager Highlights:

  • Easy to use "drag and drop" process design tool allows business users to define and maintain fulfillment processes.
  • Integrated version control allows users to tightly track and manage changes to provisioning processes and quickly promote, merge, or back-out changes across multiple environments.
  • Functional capabilities such as bundled activities and synch points address the common order management challenges of coordinating activities that need to occur once per customer order (shipping, truck rolls) or synchronizing processes across service orders.
  • Validation and correction of service configuration based on user defined business rules occurs when the order is initially submitted and throughout the fulfillment process.
  • Dynamically rollback workflow processes based on changes to the service configuration and automatically invoke undo activities for rolled back processes or cancelled orders
  • User defined automated error correction rules and processes automatically correct errors without the need for manual intervention.
  • Integrated reporting and dashboard framework offers pre-built templates for common business requirements.

Tapestry Order Acquisition Manager Highlights:

  • Provides a centralized point for customer information across all areas of your business to enable a complete, real-time view of your customers' account and order history that can be accessed by multiple sales portal interfaces.
  • Includes a baseline web interface to handle ordering and account management "out-of-the-box" and incorporates configuration features that dramatically reduce initial deployment time and costs, while delivering a personalized end-user experience.
  • Utilizes the latest Web 2.0 technologies such as AJAX to support advanced interface configuration features such as dynamic screen generation and partial page refresh.
  • Allows users to easily configure the system to store and manage account and product data that is specific to their business, rather then forcing users to adjust their data to match system requirements.
  • Minimizes implementation time and costs with client-specific pre-order processes and business rules that can be quickly implemented via SOA-enabled web services and the integrated rules engine.

By leveraging a user-maintained configuration model, Tapestry Order Management simplifies the process and cuts the costs and time required to introduce new products to market. The order management solution is easily modified to accommodate your changing business needs and cuts across enterprise boundaries, enabling providers to jointly offer and seamlessly provision products with their partners.

Tapestry Order Management

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