CGI's fast, agile rating solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing billing system

Today's market demands compelling services offered as innovative bundles with simple, yet differentiated pricing and discounting. However, the rapid expansion of convergent services and the pace of competition have left many providers with infrastructures that haven't kept pace with bundling and rating strategies. What's more, rating for next-generation service bundles brings new complex event formats and increased volumes of data.

Through CGI's Tapestry Adjunct Rater solution, service providers have access to flexible, efficient rating - an essential competitive asset to overcome obstacles and capitalize on convergent services. The adjunct rating and invoicing solution allows providers to capitalize on the latest advances in rating and pricing functionality without replacing their legacy billing systems.

Tapestry Adjunct Rater consists of Tapestry Event Pricer and Product Portfolio and enables providers to supplement their existing customer care, ordering and billing solutions, extending their lifespan and quickly bringing urgently needed capabilities to market.

Tapestry Adjunct Rater

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