CGI has nine global delivery centers in India made up of IT consultants serving our clients worldwide. These consultants formed a corporate social responsibility (CSR) group many years ago that supports a wide range of charitable causes across India. In the fall of 2012, hundreds of them in our Hyderabad location pulled together to help an eight-month-old baby named Abhigyan.

Abhigyan was diagnosed with a critical heart malformation called Silus Solitus Dextrocardia and was admitted to a hospital. The baby needed an expensive heart surgery and his family could not afford it.

A charity called the DIVA Foundation became aware of Abhigyan’s plight and initiated a campaign to raise funds. Narender Singh, a CGI SAP expert, spread the word among his colleagues and 440 responded. With the contributions of CGI members and others, the money needed for Abhigyan’s surgery was raised, and his surgery was a great success.

For the India CSR group, giving back to the community might mean supporting a large cause that impacts thousands or it might mean saving the life of a single child. “It was a joy for us to help this baby and his family,” said Narender. “CGI is a company that cares, and I’m proud of what our CSR team is doing in India to help those in need.”