Smart Grids/CEMS

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Sm@rtering Grid Control acts as middleware that integrates the AMI network and power grid with business processes to implement a truly smart grid.

While energy markets have been changing for a long time, the impact of this transition on market roles is now more evident than ever before. This white paper discusses how the changing role of markets is driven by new technology...

As smart meters have become more widespread in utility operations, no longer are they simply a device for recording and transmitting consumption data for billing.

CGI’s Smart Grid Integration framework is a flexible and adaptable solution that helps organizations meet the regulatory, business and technical requirements unique to each jurisdiction, utility and IT environment.

Sm@rtering is a new generation MDM solution developed by CGI. It offers data collection, energy data management (EDM), supervision and smart grid capabilities on an integrated platform.

CGI’s Central Energy Management System (CEMS) for smart grids helps to limit power grid imbalances and provide consumers with the information and insight needed to improve energy consumption.

For more than a decade, EDP has partnered with CGI to implement and evolve digital capabilities across its operations.